Friday, 14 September 2007

What would bring you back....

I wish I could have published what I initially wrote but I cannot. This may get read by my family and what I have written would only upset them.
In essence this piece of homework took me down a route which resulted in me writing down a description of my grandmother's last night down to those very last moments. Suffice to say the most important of those dozen scents, sounds and senses would be someone brushing my hair behind my ear as she did that night in the rare moments when she was with me in mind and body.

So what would bring me back?
1: Someone brushing the hair behind my ear
2. The smell of my dad’s hard working army uniform
3. The sound of my children giggling
4. The feel of my dog curled up beside me
5. My husband kissing the nape of my neck
6. The sound of the sea washing up the beach in Wales
7. The smell of my garden just after the rain on a hot day
8. The feel of a just laid egg in the palm of my hand
9. The smell of dark red tea rose in my garden
10. The sound of the Rookery here at Rookyard
11. The smell of Bonfires on an Autumn day
12. Crowded House (Any Album)


WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Yes can empathise on all of those - although it would be my husband kissing the nape of my neck . . .not your husband . . . sigh . .

ChrisH said...

Great list, very enjoyable - Oh, Crowded House that's made me think of other memories. It's strange what route this exercise takes you down isn't it?

Milla said...

wish I knew what you wanted to write ... and they, if they read this, will surely be intrigued too! Can't have my neck kissed, makes my leg go all shivery.

Suffolkmum said...

I love having the back of my neck kissed! (by my husband, of course). It's weird what memories come out, isn't it, when you start to compile these lists. Love what you ended up writing anyway.

Hannah Velten said...

'Suze me, but I think I've missed a trick - is The Rookery a proper rookery (ie. birds) and is your house called Rookyard? If, so then I would agree with rooks - they make such a noise they couldn't fail to wake anyone out of a coma (they shoot them round these parts). If it is nothing to do with birds, then I AM confused...Ohhhh...easy to do that on a Sunday afternoon! Didn't realise you were a Crowded House fan (me too) a bit of Weather With You on at the mo....Lovely sensations.
Mootia x

Pondside said...

Maybe it was your preamble, but your list really hit me. Numbers one, two, five and eight - me too.

Go on you know you want to...


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