Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bringing up Boys: the truth about the facts of life (a practical tale...)

Waiting For The Great Event
We've had puppies. Lots of lovely whippet puppies and it has been a tad chaotic; especially last Friday when at a quarter to eight in the morning I took my leave of a very pregnant whippet just before rushing off on the school run.
Seeing her staring at the moon and making whimpering noises, I soon realised that there was no way on earth I would be able to take the boys in to school - everything seemed so very imminent plus the fact that the wickedest whippet aka Sassy had grabbed my hand by this time and trying to get to school with heaving pregnant dog  clamped to my right hand while I drove the car wasn't going to be easy to explain to the local constabulary if I had an accident.
I made a call
The Boys could stay at home and learn first-hand all about the wonderful way Mother Nature worked.
And it was Friday and I wouldn't have to drive anywhere - perfect!
There was a holiday atmosphere and the boys gleefully divested themselves of school uniform and prepared to hunker down in front of the telly.
"Oi! You Lot! No way are you watching telly all day! This is NOT a holiday. Tidy up and wait down here until I tell you that you can come upstairs to watch THE most amazing thing on earth!"
It was said brightly in an effort to get the boys on board with the day's educational programme but already I could see my youngest growing mutinous - he's never been that into our animals; I mean it took him nearly five years before he deigned to remember the names of the cats.
I will admit I hadn't really thought through the whole letting-the-boys-see-the-mother-nature-at-work thing properly and perhaps I should have been a tad more circumspect; after all nature is red in tooth and claw!
However, it all started out fine.
Both boys came up to see Sassy and sat quietly on my bed watching as I tried to explain what was going on. Luckily at this stage not much.
Sassy strained and whimpered and the boys could see she wasn't all that happy.
"Is she alright Mum?" said my eldest.
"She's Ok sweetheart, just a bit uncomfortable at the moment."
The dog started to pant heavily.
"Mum are you sure?"
"Really darling it's fine. It’s natural to pant like that. It helps ease the pain of the contractions which are pushing the puppies out."
The dog strained on time.
"Oh it looks like she's doing a poo"
"Yes you could say that..." I replied, thinking back to giving birth to him and flinching at the memories. Thank god I thought that I had had a caesarean - his head was enormous!
After watching for several more minutes he chirped up: "Do ALL girls have to do this?"
"Yes sweetie, they do." said I, being VERY worldly wise. "It's a thing all females have to go through in order to have babies, we are all the same. Arn't you lucky it won't ever happen to you."
I know, I probably laid it on a bit thick but that's what comes of living as the only girl in a household of boys.
Both boys were very quiet as they digested this thought.
"It's BOOORING," announced my youngest.
This IT generation have no patience so rather than force him to hang about any longer and become seriously annoying I let him off the hook. Boys will be boys I thought and just don't get it. My eldest took the opportunity to scarper as well and for a couple of hours it was just me and her communing in that most elemental way that all females do on the matter of life and producing it.
Finally at 11.45 it was the moment jus - the first puppy arrived and it was at exactly that moment that my eldest returned to the scene in time to watch in horror as my beautiful whippet atet up the placenta...
"Ewwww Gross! Is that what you had to do as well!!!!!!!..."


Clare Taylor said...

So how many were there? Congratulations, in any case!

Tattie Weasle said...

Potty - Finally we had 5! Will be putting up a whole load of pics tomorrow they are SO adorable! And the boys don't seem to have suffered too much from the shock....

mrsnesbitt said...

Oooooooooooooooooooooooh! Can't wait for the photos. Bless xxxx

Little Red Hen said...

Aw, congratulations

janerowena said...

That did make me laugh - and what excellent timing too, my dogs all seemed to have theirs just as I was about to go to bed!

Tattie Weasle said...

Mrs Nesbitt - They are a load of oooooo! Love 'em!
Little Red Hen - Thank you!
Janerowena - Never at a convenient time and then well then they are just such huge time wasters!

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