Monday, 5 September 2011

They’re back at school…so now what?

They are back at school so now what do I do? All summer long I have longed for them to go back to school as I couldn’t get anything done and now they are back and already time is hanging heavy.
I suppose it’s because I have the time that I manage to fill it. Everything gets organised (sort of) and jobs get done on a regular basis. The clocks all tick, the bins are never too full, the clothes get put away (at least once a week), the dogs get walked, my office floor can be seen, bills get paid on time, I have cash in my purse.
It’s just when they appear for any length of time that things unravel and priorities change. Getting them up and organised and entertained is top of my list. I cart them to swimming, to riding, to hockey, to friends. I organise parties and BBQs and holidays. I make sure they eat and stay semi clean. And I try to keep my head above water.
And now this morning I have managed to clear the kitchen, make bread, take the dogs out, sort the office, done an interview for work, sort the laundry, feed the cat, feed and move the chickens, kill some cockerels, prepare lunch and start writing a blog post.
There is still loads more to do, reams and reams of stuff, but it’s kind of quiet, too quiet and no one is interrupting me to say:
“The Boy hurt me!”
“I did not! You wouldn’t do as you’re told and anyway you hit me first….”
“Mummmmmmmy! Boy hurt me here, LOOK!”
“I didn’t Mum and anyway I didn’t hit him hard…he’s always saying it hurts”
Yep it is far too quiet, at least until 3.15….


Preseli Mags said...

Yep, far too quiet here too (until 3.15). We rather unravelled over the summer too. I loved the way you plunged 'kill some cockerels' into your 'to do' list for today between the laundry and lunch.

Expat mum said...

Not to one-up you, but have a read of my piece for In the Powder Room and maybe you'll feel better.
PS. My word verif. is "hertio" - which I believe is the Latin verb for what you're doing.

Tattie Weasle said...

Presli mags - I slip a lot of nefarious things in on the quiet!
Expatriate mum- will be over for a joyful peruse now that children are flat out in bed, ah the small joys of them being back in school, they're knackered!

Rob-bear said...

Condolences on the quiet life. I'm sure you will recover presently from you current state of semi-shock.
You'll be able to take the dogs for a leisurely walk in in someone's back pasture. (As long as there's no bull!)
As for us in retirement, we're so busy 12 months a year, we hardly have time to do some of the things you have named. Let me assure you; life only gets busier.

About Last Weekend said...

Tomorrow is the first day they're all gone, so will be very weird round this way, unless some cockerel ghosts make their way into my backyard..

Tattie Weasle said...

Rob-bear - My mum says the same things about retirement...she said it about parenthood too!
About Last Week End - if thsoe cockerel ghosts come a calling you'll know about it! Dreadful beasts they were up all night, crowing all day, my poor little girls were exhausted! Hope you won't feel too alone tomorrow!

Suburbia said...

A mothers lot... I love having them around and wish there was no such thing as school but then the time alone is also very delicious :-)

Tattie Weasle said...

Suburbia - so true! Can't live with em and cannot live without 'em!

Posie said...

Wow you sound a bundle of energy...ours went back a few weeks ago but still not into any sort of routine, and now eldest has sort of flown the nest for a week with friends...and I can't quite get my head round the 'to do' list....

Trish @ Mum's Gone To ... said...

I haven't found a huge amount of difference, to be honest. Rory spent all mornings in bed during the holidays; now he's back at school I forget I can put the hoover on and not disturb the little prince's slumber.

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